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Slug Shack (local delivery or pickup only)

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Get rid of slugs with an environmentally friendly, harmless, and chemical Slug Shack.

The Slug Shack is super easy to use:

  • Set a tuna-can sized dish of beer or non-alcoholic beer in your garden cover with the Slug Shack.

  • Let them fill up with critters.

  • Empty and repeat!

No unsightly slugs, no slime to look at, just a cute shack placed over the slimy mess! It also saves your beer from being diluted from spring rains and summer sprinklers. Beer traps are also safe for pets and wild animals.


Wonderful, inexpensive, non-toxic, very effective, and locally made!


Approximately 8 x 7 x 6 inches.


Shipping note: Please choose local delivery or curb-side pickup only!


If you want a Slug Shack shipped, please call us at 503 410 5280 to arrange shipping.