Henna Boheme

Desert Rose - Selenite Rose

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Desert Roses are said to contain a spirit guardian - and each one is different.

  • great protection talisman!
  • increase creativity and psychic abilities
  • very calming for people with phobias

Do not get wet! Cleanse and clear your desert rose with moonlight or smudging.

If you are suffering from physical or mental illness, please consult a medical professional, as the information given only describes how some spiritual traditions use rocks, minerals, and crystals.

This item is for 1 piece of desert rose similar to those shown in the photograph and video and as described below. We will pick a rosette for you, but feel free to leave a note or phone us with any special requests, which we will try to accommodate.

Dimensions: stones are approximately 1 inch in all dimensions and between 0.5 and 1 ounce.

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