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Chicken Foot Protection Charm - Coral Snake

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This charged chicken foot protection charm was created in the colors of the ferocious, highly venomous coral snake.

I make these charms in the traditional way, starting with giving thanks to the chicken and smudging the foot. The feet are buried in salt and heated to 200 degrees for four hours to kill any harmful bacteria. They they remain in salt and are kept at very low heat for at least 48 hours to kick start dehydration. Next, they are removed from the salt, cleaned, thanked again, and placed in a fresh pot of salt until cured. When fully cured, they are brushed free of salt and polished with a soft cloth. I also remove any wires used to pose the feet or to form feet around stones and crystals. This process takes several weeks.

At this point, I under paint the feet to seal them and to provide a base for painting and dressing. As I am not an adherent of any one particular tradition, I research various traditions to determine what elements and colors to use for various purposes. I have a purpose in mind for each charm, but don't let that rule your choice. If a charm calls to you, you can charge it with your own intention and ritual.

Of course, for legal reasons, I can't say that the charms actually protect against any harms or dangers. You should consider these to be folk art pieces. To the extent they "work," their magic is dependent upon your work in your own tradition. Use these charms to focus on and visualize your intentions.

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